D3 亞洲萬里通課程心得:特地從香港飛來上課的國泰鑽石卡

大概在 6 月中,粉絲專頁的訊息傳來一位 Danny 的幾句話.他說想要報名參加 6/24 的亞洲萬里通課程,但因為住在香港不方便匯款,請問是否可以現場付錢.我欣然允諾,並請 Danny 提供電子機票作為證明,也發現他是一位國泰的鑽卡.以下是上完課程之後,以『 香港 』Base 作為出發角度寫的亞洲萬里通心得文,和台灣 Base 的心得多有不同,歡迎大家參考.Danny 用英文撰寫,除了最後一段的建議他使用中文,其他的中文部分為簡略翻譯而得.

Comments on D3’s workshop on Asia Miles in June 2018

心得:六月份 D3 亞洲萬里通課程

When I first notice D3’s workshop,I was so curious on what are to be taught, and will there be enough topics to cover for the whole entire day?

第一次聽聞 D3 課程時,我心中感到非常好奇,究竟亞洲萬里通有什麼內容可以讓他從早上九點上到晚上九點,整整十二小時呢?

As an aviation enthusiast, an Aviation bachelor degree holder and as a person who used to be in the Airline industry, I have been following aviation news and social media quite closely, it is probably the first time that I have heard such a workshop.


As a HKer, we know that we probably has hesitations for going on a workshop for the WHOLE day, (0830-2200 + supper), as we probably won’t commit so much time in a day for a “leisure” activity. But I was treating it more a part of my leisure trip to Taiwan, it seemed to make more sense to me.

這個活動從早上八點半到晚上十點再加上宵夜場,最後在深夜十二點多結束,作為一個香港人,我們都知道承諾『 整整一天 』的時間在『 非工作相關 』的活動是非常困難也少見的;我把這次的台灣行作為每年必做的台灣旅遊行程,順道參加課程,才不至於給自己太大的壓力.

The workshop that I attended happened a few days after the “22Jun2018” modification of Asia Miles, D3 has thoroughly prepared analysis, “non-published” charts for the new rules, which I was so impressed with. Especially the change of rules happened so recently, I haven’t had enough time to study and/or trial run on the new rules, but D3’s lectures explained the new rules from beginners level to advance, and also to point out what to be careful of, and where to check to make preparation advance planning.

亞洲萬里通課程為 6/24 ,剛好在最近的大消息 6/22 亞萬改表的數天之後;D3 做了詳細精實的分析,至準備好『 非公開 』的夥伴表格讓學員練習.從 6/22 凌晨改表到 6/24 的課程的短短兩天之間,我仍缺乏時間蒐集各種新表格的資訊,D3 竟已準備充足,這讓我感到非常興奮和意外.D3 從亞萬的基礎規則入門難度開始,慢慢進階到複雜的路線規則,並提點各種需要特別注意的開票方式和應該如何做好開票前的自我準備.

Although the work course was prepared to focus on perspective for Taiwanese travellers, but the new Asia Miles rules was modified “seems”  to benefits more towards outport (non-HKG) travellers, which gives us more ideas to be more creative to take the most advantage of Asia Miles.

課程的設計以居住在台灣的旅遊者為主,D3 點出了一些亞洲萬里通新規定當中對台灣 Base 朋友有利的地方,『 似乎 』新表格對非香港 Base 的人更友善了一點,但是,這完全不影響我們腦力激盪出更多更有創意的香港出發行程.

Take myself as an example, I don’t go to Taiwan that often, but I always have to travel to Shanghai for work, so instead of planning from Taiwan like D3 did, I can plan my trips from Shanghai (or other destinations) to combine with my leisure trips with my work trips.

以我自身為例,我常常需要上海香港兩地出差飛行,一年僅有 1-2 次到台灣;若把 D3 上課說的台北 – 香港 – XXX 的行程轉化為我可以使用的版本,就是上海 – 香港 – XXX 來合併我自身的出差和旅遊行程.

I found D3 was very presentable, friendly, energetic and most importantly, very knowledgeable in travel related issues, and very welcomed with Q&A. The workshop was conducted with group activities, which made time flies by very quickly. I was lucky enough to be able to complete groupwork with 2 different groups (as some classmates had to leave early to catch trains back to other parts of Taiwan), although there were diverse age, background groupmates with different level of knowledge and understandings within the group, which I think was a good thing, as that gives us a chance to share and hear different views.

D3 的演講台風非常棒,整天的課程下來,他任何時間都充滿活力和精神,對上課學員非常友善;最重要的是他對旅遊方面的各種問題都很了解,無時無刻都歡迎各式各樣的問題和 Q & A.課程除了 D3 在前面講授以外,還包括了團體活動和分組討論,這讓時間流逝飛快,默默不注意就過了 12 小時.由於有些學員要趕搭高鐵回中南部,我非常幸運地能跟不同的兩個組別進行分組討論,不同年齡層、不同生活背景、不同的生活經驗,加上旅遊知識浸潤深度的差異,給了組員間在寬廣知識面上的進一步理解,我認為這是非常好的一個方式.

I highly recommend this workshop to people who has lots of Asia Miles to spend and would like to utilise it wisely with systematic planning. The workshop starts from beginning to advance with lectures and group works, which I gained practical knowledge with hands-on experience and D3 can professionally critic our creativities.

如果你有為數不少的亞洲萬里通,想知道要如何能更有系統地規劃行程,使里程花的更有價值,絕對推薦你來參加 D3 的亞洲萬里通課程.課程從基礎入門一路帶到進階知識,配合 D3 的講授和分組討論,我從最後 Hands-on 實際操作上得到許多珍貴的實務經驗,而 D3 總是能專業地評價分組活動的成果和提出他的獨到見解.

I had a long, fulfilled but enjoyable day (and evening). Lastly, D3’s mandarin was quite easy to understand, which I should not think it posees too much of language barrier.

我過了一個漫長、豐富和極為享受的一整天(甚至到了消夜場).最後,D3 說的中文對香港人非常容易理解,我不認為這當中存在任何語言上的溝通障礙.

D3, 小小建议,有很多台湾的中文航空用语和香港不同,可以的话,加上英语会对香港同学更好了解,例如 Premium Economy, Code-share, open-jaw, transit, etc.

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