EU261:長榮罷工是否要賠償 600 歐元現金

關於長榮罷工能否申請 EU261 600 歐元現金賠償+所有期間必要交通 / 食宿賠償的問題,這邊已經有很明確的答案;2019 年歐盟法院作出裁決:

1. 雖然航空公司會用罷工為不可抗力因素拒絕 EU261 600 歐元賠償

2. 但是罷工乃為單一航空公司管理階層可控事由(Under Control)

3. 罷工之導致,乃航空公司管理階層之『 決定 』(Decision)

4. 單一航空公司罷工仍須賠償 EU261

5. 只有機場地勤罷工 / Air Traffic Control 罷工這種可免賠 EU261


適用 EU261 的狀況:






Compensation in case of a “wildcat strike” by airline staff The Court has ruled that a ‘wildcat strike’ by flight staff following the surprise announcement of a restructuring does not constitute an ‘extraordinary circumstance’, and thus does not release the airline from its obligation to pay compensation in the event of cancellation or long delay of flight. The Court notes that the Regulation lays down two cumulative conditions for an event to be classified as an ‘extraordinary circumstance’: (1) it must not, by its nature or origin, be inherent in the normal exercise of the activity of the airline, and (2) it must be beyond its actual control. The mere fact that a recital of the Regulation mentions that such circumstances may arise, in particular, in the event of a strike does not mean that a strike is necessarily and automatically a cause of exemption from the obligation to pay compensation. On the contrary, it is necessary to assess, on a case-by-case basis, whether the two conditions mentioned above are fulfilled.

PS. Wildcat Strike 指的是不合法的罷工,連不合法的罷工都必須要遵守 EU261,更何況是合法的罷工

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